even when i was really young, i kind of understood this concept of just creating something that is enjoyable and fun but it’s still something that can heal, and make somebody feel better about their day.

wow the tumblr side of this fandom is literally dead

i’m back!! (well i guess idk)

hi there, first of all i’m really sorry for the lack of posting in this blog. tbh i don’t know what to post since greyson is still working on his new album and there are no new interviews or hq pictures of him. another reason is that i’m kind of busy with school and my second blog. but now, i’m on a holiday for a couple of weeks so i’m going to post some more stuff in here!

anyway, i just did an unfollow spree bc my dash is now full of hipstery things that i don’t even understand. so if you’re an active greyson chance blog and 90-100% of your posts are about him, like or reblog this post! i’ll check your blog out and if i like it i might follow you!



unfollow spreee those people who dont follow me back even if i asked and the inactive ones. sorry

Hey x How do you make gifs? What is the program or website?

i use photoshop cs5 extended to make gifs, you can download it from yeahps (go to their downloads tag)

btw i already answered this on my faqs so, to everyone else, please check my faqs first before you ask something and if you didn’t find the answers that you’re looking for, then you can ask me x

Can I have some new HQ pics of GC without any edits? Please~

it’s hard to find hq pictures of greyson nowadays

but if you insist, you can go to flickr, justjaredjr, gettyimages (watermark included yep that sucks), or just google it lol

you can also check greysonchanceu’s profile on twitter! they always post new pictures of greyson but not all of them are on hq

what's the password of the psd?

which one?